Tamaridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Health,Temperament,Structure and Longevity are key to our success. For the Conformation Ring or companion. OFA tested ,C.K.C Reg'd. All you need is AlittleRandR

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 Links and Info on Rhodesian Ridgebacks
B.C. Shows and Clubs
Canuck Dogs Here
Comox Valley Kennel Clubs Here
Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society Here

No Puppy Mills Canada Here

Health Related Sites
Great Dane Lady Here
DR Jean Dobbs Vaccinations Here
Pets don't need shots every year Here
Omega-3 Here
Dr Mecola Explains  how important it is for enzymes Here
Enzymes and Probiotics Here and Here
Coat color Here
Kinked Tail Here
Breeding Methods (In Breeding line breeding and other) Here
Pet information spay/neuter ,worms ect Here
Lamb and Rice diet  Here
Nzymes(more info )  Here 
Teeth and Bite Here
Getting two puppies at the same time is a very bad idea Here
Buying two puppies at the same time Bad idea  Here
Breed Standard
C.K.C and   A.K.C

Dermiod Sinus Info  
Some pictures are graphic Here
Another RR site with more info Here

Ridgeback Friends

Friends and Breeders of Ridgebacks
Priderock On ----------- http://www.priderockridgebacks.com/
Vanfax BC ---------------- krisspugnrr@shaw.ca
Primetime  USA-------------- http://www.primetimerr.com/
Freedom Farm RR  USA------ http://www.freedomfarmsrr.com/
Thornberry RR  BC ---------- http://thornberryridge.webs.com/

Dykomos USA -------------- http://www.dykumos.com/welcome.html

Chrisma Rhodesian Ridgebacks ------------



Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs and Organizations

RR Clubs and Organizations
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of Canada RRCC
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of United States RRCUS
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of  B.C. RRCBC
RR Health and Genetics Here
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) Here

purebred and mixed

Hybrid Dogs Here 

How to de code puppy  ad's HERE





Training your Ridgeback/Puppy Sites of interest

Potty Training
Poochie Bells The Original Designer Dog Doorbell
How to bell train your dog to go outside Here
House breaking Here


Puppy fitness (age appropriate exercise ) Here

Crate Training Here 

How puppies become anxious "home alone" Here   

On Lease aggression-no greeting  Here
Canine Good Neighbor CGN  Bite Inhibition Here
Pet owners guide to crate training
Anxiety in dogs

Dr Sophie Yin Trainer site Here

Counter surfing Here

These sites are must reads to ensure we have dogs around for a very long time there is a big difference in animal rights and animal welfare also what we call our pets and the movement behind them !!!

Animal welfare and why is it important Here

 fur kids here


Obedience ,Agility,Puppy classes In the Comox Valley area

Groups for Training-conformation ,obedience ,agility,puppy obedience classes
Dog Titles Here
Campbell River Here
Canine Conduct
(Courtenay) Jane Neve 250-898-3173 Here
Poochies Puppy Obedience classes (Courtenay) Megan  Here
Shaping  for conformation shows Here
Tail blazers Agility Training Black Creek -Kathy Smith Email:  karma3@telus.net
Canadian Breeders Online
Herding Instinct

Cool Stuff For Dogs

Pants For Dogs Here     

Good dog beds  Here